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Training Center

Training Center

We are DISH approved training Institute for Health Safety and Environment. Vide Certificate ref.: DISH/A-RULE/456/10 date: 01.04.2010.

Corporate Training

Whereas our training packages are substantial in contents, basic and fundamental in principles and practices, rich in utility and usefulness; the methodologies adopted are simple and straightforward, fun to use, delivered in participants' language, mostly with animation and voice-over; making the entire exercise interest-stimulating, thought-provoking, awareness-arousing and learning-sustaining.

Packages include all the major subjects in construction and operation units on Environment, Health and Safety topics such as but not limited to as given in the list below.

We offer a number of training delivery options including Public Courses, On-site Trainings and Workshops .

We work closely with clients to assess their training needs, develop tailor-made courses and programs and advise on follow up and reinforcement in the workplace. We have developed and delivered in-house programs for a range of corporate private sector clients. Ensuring and measuring the effectiveness of training is kept under our approach. To this end, we provide follow up and mentoring programs to staff to support the effective transfer of knowledge into the workplace.

Our Faculties
Health and safety Training program modules